Sunday, February 12, 2006

This is not real food:

In fact it is a zillion pills (or maybe only 57?)

Dear Readers,

I had to make this list of my supplements for one of my docs. Since I can only be on the computer a little while each day, because of damage to my right shoulder and arm, I am going to post it here too. (I am trying to post every day.) You can always just skip this and come back another day . . .

Please note: I am not recommending anything here. I am simply making a list with some information. Before starting supplements it is always wise to do your own research. Make sure anything you plan to take isn’t contra-indicated for any health condition you may have. And do some math on all the totals. Certain things get toxic if you take enough. I did math on this stuff once – but since I have brain damage and am having trouble with numbers the doc wants to check it. It is probably a good idea to consult with your doc or other knowledgeable professional about your supplements. But heck, before the head injury I never did. What they heck do they know about how I actually feel anyway?

Now I think that generally healthy folks without dietary restrictions can get all their nutrition from real food. And not only that, I think if you are able bodied and determined, you could raise all that food, given enough good land. But I have health problems and dietary restrictions. (And just an average sized yard.) So I do what I got to do. By careful use of supplements and carefully attending to my diet, I am for the most part, able to avoid drugs.

Now, for all most all this stuff I can tell you what happens if I don’t take it. (But that would take an essay of its own.) This is all expensive and I am on a very limited income. I have experimented with not taking each and every thing – except the B2. If I were not seeing a tangible benefit I would save my money for seeds and plants . . . I got down to the B2 and it was just one little inexpensive pill – so what the heck. I just take it.

For Rickets, injuries, etc.:

I had rickets as a child and as a result I have deformed bones, that pinch nerves, that cause muscle spasms, and it hurts. Sometimes a lot. I also am very prone to soft tissue injuries on account of my joints not being put together entirely well. These are the things that I have found; over many years of experimenting actually lower my pain level.

Vitamin E 400 I.U. Twice a day

MSM 1,500 mg twice a day

Cod Liver Oil: Once a day
Vitamin A 1,250 I.U.
Vitamin D 130 I.U.

Alacer Vitamin C * 1,000 mg Twice a day
Supper Gram
(I use either II or III which ever is the better deal.)

Echinacea 125 mg Sporadically as needed

Beef Gelatin 500 mg 4 – 2-4 times a day

Kirkland Sig. Calcium Citrate * 3- once a day
Vitamin D 125 I.U.
Calcium 250 mg
Magnesium 80 mg
Zinc 10 mg

For Menopause:

Wild Yam 500 mg 2 x a day

For Migraines:

I have had chronic migraines for many years. It got so horrible that I was ready to throw myself off the Martin’s Ferry Bridge. At that time I maybe had 5 migraine free days a month. They are now pretty much under control through a combination of diet and supplements.

First are those things that I have found useful over the years:

Feverfew 90 mg 3 x a day
B complex
Kirkland Sig. B-50 * 2 x a day

Next are the things that a friend of mine (who is a nurse) researched when I was very ill, for the migraines:

Vitamin B2 100 mg twice a day
Magnesium 250 mg 2 – 4 times a day (Also helps with parasthesias)
Coenzyme Q10 150 mg 2 x a day
Fish oil 1,000 mg- Omega 3 300mg 2x a day

As a result of a blood test which showed low levels:

Potassium Gluconate 550 mg once a day

For paresthesias:

Vitamin B 12 500 mg 2 – 4 times a day
Niacin 50 mg 2- 4 times a day (Also helps with migraines and menopause.)
Skullcap 850 mg 2-4 times a day (Also helps with migraines.)

And just on general principals:

Kirkland Daily Multi * Once a day

Note to doc: Those items marked with an “*” have multiple supplements of which I did not list them all. If you can’t find the formulas please let me know and I will list them out for you.

All righty then! I had a busy day puttering in the yard. Not what I planned to do – but heck, once I got out there it was so nice I couldn’t make myself come back in. So now I am headed to a hot bath with Epsom salts and lavender. Wish my aches and pains away, OK?



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