Monday, February 13, 2006

We Didn’t Have Much . . . – Book Review

“We Didn’t Have Much, But We Sure Had Plenty / Rural Women In Their Own Words,” by Sherry Thomas, published by Double Day – an Anchor Book - 1989. ISBN 0-385-14951-4

The second subtitle of this enjoyable paperback is “The hardships and joys of being a farmer.” Sherry Thomas as taking great pains to provide the female voice and perspective to American farming. Included are farmers wives, women farming on their own or with family or other partners. She has included poor farmers, share croppers, laborers, and those who own their own prosperous farms. The women whose voices make up this book range from middle age to elderly, from illiterate to a former university professor. They discuss life close to the soil from varied perspectives. They speak of their lives, their loves, their heartbreaks, their children and the work at hand. It is a lovely inspiring read that reconfirmed my commitment to the garden. I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in farming or women’s studies.

176 words, Copyright 2006 Harvest McCampbell

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