Thursday, February 09, 2006

Recently Published & New in the Mail

Dear Readers,

I recently had a poem published in the "Indigenous Peoples' Journal of Law Culture & Resistance," Vol. 2 Issue 1, published by the UCLA School of Law. This poem was previously published on the web, so you can take a look at it over here: <>
The IPJLCR is a print publication without a web site, so I can't give you a link. It is a very scholarly publication and I am proud to be included.

I also have had my third piece included in the local paper's gardening section. They have started a regular column called "Digging the Dirt." This weeks piece is the one you will find here on my blog called "First Flowers for the Season / Violets and English Daisies"

I am pleased to be able to offer our local paper information the community can enjoy.

And the mail:

I just received a catalog from High Country Gardens. I haven't gotten to look it over much, but I will soon. From what I have seen so far it looks really yummy! More on this at a later date.

I also recently received my seed order from the Heirloom Garden Group, included: Giant Red Celery, White Cucumber, Skullcap, Purple Millet, 4 different kinds of short carrots (I have to grow in raised beds because of the dang gophers), 3 more kinds of cucumbers - Oriental, Armenian, and Burpless, a Canadian watermelon, Tiger melon, and last but not least some Larkspur.

The seed bank is a great way to trade your excess or saved seeds for other varieties. I include a SASE and $1.00 with my deposits - to help defer the costs of running the seed bank - and send in my requests for a equal or lesser number of seeds than I deposit. It is great fun and I get to try things I might not other wise be able to afford. You can check it out here:

All righty, it has been a long day - and I still have groceries to put away . . .

Hope you all have a great evening . . .



PS - It looks like some stuff that isn't links is impersonating links - and I can't seem to fix it . . . Dang it any way . . . H.

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