Friday, February 10, 2006

A Glorious Garden Day

A Glorious Day!

Today was truly glorious. The sun was bright, the air clear. Our weather started out cool, but became warm enough to remind me that I need to start shaving my legs so I can get into shorts . . .

I had a hard time dragging myself indoors today. So, well, I didn’t. I had 4 plants from my indoor, mini green house complete with bottom heat and full spectrum lights – that had outgrown their little house. They now have bigger pots and will have to live without the warm protection of electrified plastic. One gourd, one cucumber, and two squash will be given a chance to harden off before being transplanted to the garden. I am planning on making hot caps from recycled containers once they are in the ground, unless the nights have turned a bit warmer by then.

I finally got some holes drilled in the shallow wooden box that used to be my medicine chest – before my bathroom was remodeled. I am using that to start some seeds from a jumble pack from Bountiful Gardens. I separated out the types that were recognizable – the nasturtiums, corn, curcurbits, buckwheat, etc. What I had left was an assortment of grains, sorghum, millet, and who knows what. A surprise. So I sprinkled that all over the top of some planting mix and covered it all with some sand – and we shall see what grows. I love surprises.

Lets see, I recently walked through the totally thrashed riparian area near my house, and found several still alive plants caught way up in branches and debris piles where the flood waters had left them. I transplanted them to a shady spot today. Three giant Horsetail ferns, two tiny ferns, and some other mysterious small plant with quite and impressive tap root – for it’s size.

I tucked four-o-clock and nasturtium seeds in to my borders and beds, sprinkled red maid seeds on to bare spots, pulled some weeds, and started some melon seeds. I am also doing another germination test on some gourd seeds I found when trying to get organized. I have no idea how old they are or where they came from. I am blaming that on my brain injury and not old age. And you better not blame it on old age either. One of my gardening buddies says that I may not use the brain injury for an excuse any more. But dang – it is the best excuse I ever had. And it is true to.

Ok now, where was I? Oh yes, I started one more germination test. Some Tinda squash from India via Evergreen Seeds. I think this is the only thing from them that I have had any trouble growing. I think it needs warmer nights than we ever can produce here in the beautiful and mild Hoopa Valley. And now the seeds may have gotten too old to even try one more thing . . . Oh well.

Last but not least, I found one Day Lily seed - chilling in the fridge, had germinated - so it got a new home in a tiny pot.

Very cool . . . I just did a search on yahoo trying to find the link to this blog, and I found this link: My blog is mentioned, along with a bunch of others. I hope you enjoy them all!

I really just straight up over did it today. I got major aches and pains. A nice hot bath is calling me . . . You all have a great evening!



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