Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Garden Gourmet

Dear Reader,

I had company for dinner tonight and I cooked up something special. I started with a ground turkey meat-loaf seasoned with garland chrysanthemum, green onion, and celery leaves - all from the garden . . . Then I picked a cauliflower, and used the tender leaves near the head to wrap the sides of the loaf, and I stuck the most perfect florets into the top of the loaf. Next I chopped the tender stem of the cauliflower and and tossed it into the casserole around the loaf. The casserole had been rubbed down with olive oil previously. Next I picked some bolts from several kinds of Chinese greens and also some baby broccoli sprouts, I threw them in around the edges of the casserole too. Next, on top of the veggies around the edge of the casserole I poured a cup of rice, and 2 cups of water. I tossed that all into the oven with some scrubbed potatoes on the side to bake. (The oven was pre-heated to 350.)

The salad was simply tossed greens. I included 4 kinds of lettuce, some Mizuna, baby leaves from two kinds of kale, and also from two kinds of Chinese mustard. The colors and flavors were dazzling. And it was really simple. Pick the leaves, rinse, soak in cold water for an hour in the fridge (mellows flavors - the lettuce was a little bitter and the mustard a bit sharp) drained and tore the larger leaves in half and tossed. Served it with olive oil and salt and it was all it needed.

The rice/veggies/loaf cooked while my friend and I explored what the recent storms had done to the near by creek bed. I drained the greens and tossed them while she set the table. She thought the main dish was beautiful. (It was! LOL ) Her response to her first bite was, "This is real good; this is gourmet. My reply was, "And the best part is that except for the rice and the turkey, it all came from the garden."

Food can't get much more real than that . . . Unless you can grow your own rice and poultry!

Till next time,



beverlee said...

Your dinner sounded absolutly devine. I would like to employ you as my personal cook. You could cook and I would come and get it after work(big smile). I am going to have to come over and look at this garden of yours. It makes me think of it like the "Wardrobe" in, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". There is a whole different world there when I see it through your eyes. It is just fascinating. I do enjoy your tips, comments and information. Keep up the good work. You are educating me.

Harvest said...

Hi Beverlee,
Thanks! Even though my garden is very productive, it really isn't much to look at right now, but you are welcome to come see it anytime. I never thought of cooking for others . . . But that
is an idea - for next year or so - if I recover enough. I have been thinking of you . . .

Talk to you soon!