Sunday, January 15, 2006

Round Robins

Dear Readers,

This post is more or less in reply to "anoynomous" who left a comment on my previous post on round robins . . .

How do you find a seed round robin to join? Did you make one up among seed-saver friends? Sometimes round robins get stuck on somebody's desk and then it stops. Sounds like a dynamite way to get past the overspecific I want this-I want that specifications and get the process happening faster, though.

I found my first Round Robin on yahoo groups - and helped organize the other one.

I just did a search on seeds/round robins on Yahoo Groups <> and found this group: I am not a member - so I don't know how well they work.

I belong to this Yahoo Group that has a couple of Round Robins, in fact it is where I joined my first robin: However both the round robins and the moderator seem to be missing in action . . . So here is proof that Round Robins can be problematic.

I also belong to this Yahoo Group - where I run a Round Robin: This Round Robin is currently full, however, we have almost completed one round at which point we will be adding more folks, first come first serve. There is also talk on the group of starting a few other round robins - so if you have enough extra seeds to get one going this might be a good place to drum up participants. (It is also a great group with lots of information being shared.)

You can probably find other Round Robins by simply searching on your favorite search engine. And if any one reading this knows of Round Robins accepting new members - pleas let us know. You can reply to this post, or send me an e-mail or instant message . . .

Round Robins can definitely be problematic. It can take a few years to get one going in a way that turns out to be efficient and really usefully for all the members. You have to weed out those folks who don't move the robin along or who only take seeds and don't add to the box. And yes, sometimes they die for being lost in the mail or whatever. My philosophy regarding the robin is that if it keels over I will just get it going again. I have tons of seeds that I have saved, purchased, and traded for. As long as you have a playful attitude towards the round robins and don't get too attached they can be great fun.

The rain has paused for the moment - so I am off to go feed my worms . . .

Have a great garden day!


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