Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lightning, nitrogen, phone service, and worms . . .

Dear Readers,

Yesterday while I was at the library I read a short article in the current issue of Organic Gardening magazine about how lightning storms increase the levels of nitrogen in our soils. Then of all things, last night nature treated us to the most glorious thunder storm with lightning so bright it hurt - even though my eyes were closed . . . I hope our gardens will prosper. Here is more on nitrogen, lightning, plants, etc.:

The storm also reminded me about how tenuous our phone and electric service is here during the winter months. If I ever disappear for a bit, unannounced, it is probably on account of wild winter weather.

And in response to a comment on worms . . . Yes, I was being a little tongue in cheek - but it is all true. And yes my pesky pet worms spy on my business in the garden, especially in the winter. They are not so interested in the seeds or seedlings I am planting, but their dinner, which I am burying a little deeper down. All animals are probably smarter than science gives them credit for, and people may be a bit dumber than science likes to admit. Even a worm can determine the types of sensory stimulus that means dinner is on the way . . .

Ahh yes, Dinner - I picked brussel sprouts and a mess of greens for tonight's dinner. The greens include wild radish and mizuni bolts, garland chrysanthemum, celery leaves and stalks, and one artichoke leaf. Yes, artichoke leaves are edible, and in fact they are quite yummy . . .

I have seedlings to transfer to cell packs. The seed boxes to organize, and I am expecting bulbs in the mail . . . I better go. Hope to be back tomorrow.



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