Saturday, January 21, 2006

Heading south for a few days

Dear Readers,

I am heading down to San Jose for a few days. I am going to have my head examined. LOL Literally. I am seeing a specialist for the brain injury. So even though it is warm and sunny out I am in here, trying to get ready to go.

Of course I keep getting distracted. First by germinating seedlings, I had miners lettuce and white butterfly weed to transfer to cell packs. Then since I was fussing with the cell packs I had to examine each seedling and top some cells off with soil. Then I counted the empty cells. Since there were plenty I had to get out the seeds and decide what to germinate next. Hmmmm . . . I choose Dames Rocket (from a round robin) and two kinds of Pak Choy (from ). Since the seeds were out, I had to work on their organization a bit . . .

Then the Gemplers catalog arrived. ( ) And as soon as my Son was done looking at it, I had to have a turn. I looked at every page to do with gardening, nurseries, farms, and . . . ahhh . . . ummm . . . What the heck am I supposed to be doing? LOL

I still haven't packed. And I haven't gotten outside either. Oh well . . . I am going to get right no it . . .

I hope to have some time Tuesday morning - maybe I will find a nursery to visit in San Jose. If I remember I'll tell you all about it . . .

Until Wednesday - you all have fun in your gardens without me!


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