Sunday, January 08, 2006

Real Food & Mud

Real Food, of course, is a very subjective idea. What I think is real food, and what someone half way around the world thinks of as real food, may be two very different things. For me the idea of Real Food, is that which I can easily grow, is easy to prepare, is tasty and pleasant to eat, and which actually contributes to my diet in a substantial and healthy way. Out of our mud comes health. (And here in the Pacific Northwest we certainly have our fair share of mud right now . . .)

One of the things I plan to do on this blog is to share tips on the Real Food that can be nurtured here in USDA Zone 8. (More specifically, a mountain valley with some coastal influence in remote Northern California.) And then of course there is the other mud, the gossip and secrets . . .

The Scandalous Secrets that are moldering around my broken brain - have more to do with politics, the evil economics of corporate capitalism, and other ugly modernisms - than they have to do with that age old garden ritual - sex in fecund mud. There are many forces at play in the world today, that attempt to (and are often successful at) economically and philosophically strong arming gardeners and farmers. In the face of corporate actions some dirt poets have become frightened of saving their own seed. Others are stirring towards freedom, towards the scent of soil that has been carefully tended and nourishes ideas of a green revolt. Stay tuned, I will try to keep you informed on this most important garden gossip (and other trivial tid-bits) as they germinate and sink roots in fertile mud.

Ahhh, the pleasures of mud. Don’t get me wrong; I am not opposed to squirming around in summer warmed, river lapped, native clay. Memories of such are sure to keep me warm in my old age. However, I really don’t recommend that practice in the garden (or where the busy bodies can see you). All that rhythmic action is sure to compress the soil and squish the worms. If you don’t choose your spot more carefully than I, some sort of negative result is bound to follow. (Dang them busy bodies anyway . . .) It was a long time ago, but I was expelled from the best public high school in that county. I wouldn’t wish that result on anyone, but I don’t think it harmed my ability to garden . . .

Which is exactly what I am off to do right now. I have a bit of compost to screen, some mulch to spread, and my Nicotiana tabacum needs pruned.

Please feel free to introduce yourself. You can post a reply, a comment, a question, or even a criticism. Just be nice about it. I believe I have a delete button I can use if you don’t mind your manners. ; ) I think you can also post links back to your web page or blog. If anyone other than you, dear reader, visits these pages they will be able to explore your projects, thoughts, or even see what you really think about Real Food & Scandalous Gardening Secrets.

Until next time I am wishing you Whirled Peas (and freedom from corporate thieves) . . .

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Anonymous said...

01-09-06 ~ Lunes
Hola Hermana Harvest ~
I found your blessed blog to be extremely interesting in its own way. I do thank you for giving me the link during our IM earlier today.

I do not usally use IM as I find it distractive and it ends up just lost to the vastness of cyberspace, then, some IMs are better off being lost... with only remnants in memory.

For me, writing is my principle form of therapy, healng and creative expression. I consider myself a street educator.

You are doing well and will improve as time goes by. Patience is a virtue and sometimes we must suffer fools.

I myself am healing in my continued recovery from chemical drug addictions and know that is it ultimately a Wholistic Spiritual Process of Healing from many matters, not just dope & booze!

I have learned HOW IT WORKS as a Humane Being in terms of Honesty, Openness and Willingness to change for the better.

I believe the name of your Blog is a really good one.
Life on Mother Earth is like one huge garden.

I believe we can be as sick as our dark kept secrets and that the truth will help set us FREE! Sharng is caring and I for one appreciate your sharing via this medium.

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Plus, join the Digital Divide:

My Online Personal Journal Blog:

Blessings For Continued Inner Health and Inner Happiness and Inner Serenity ~ Tu Amigo Peta

P.S. Much of our work is all on the inside!