Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rainy Day Read for gardeners everywhere

Dear Reader

Tuesday is my busy day, so I am cheating a bit. I am going to post here a short book review I wrote a while back and posted on my yahoo groups, and talk about about my garden - sort of . . . I am not sure if you have seen this book review or not . . . But if you get a chance to check the book out let me know what you think.

I found "Gardens in the Dunes" by Leslie Marmon Silko at my public library. It is a historical novel and it has something for gardeners and history buffs of every kind. Set primarily in the US before the advent of cars, we are treated to an inside view of the gardening lives of many different sorts of people -

There are horticulture explorers smuggling plant materials out of foreign lands for profit

There are high society gardeners with huge impressive estates

There are Native gardeners growing foods and medicine

There are farms for food

Seed collectors

And even a fellow experimenting with ways to feed the worlds poor . . .

All of this is woven into a delightful story full of characters you will adore . . .

If you can't get into the garden - visit the library instead . . .

Which is one of the things I did today - and I found another cool garden related book which I will share with you - sooner or later . . . Yesterday it was sunny and nice, and my garden related tasks were simply putting saved seeds in packets - for the community garden on the rez, as well as a couple of seed banks and round robins I am involved with. Today it is raining and raining and raining - in fact they are expecting more flooding down at the mouth of the Klamath . . .

I would like to be out in the garden today - but I guess my timing is off . . . I do have a few more seed orders to pack - from trades . . . I also have some seeds set to germinate I need to check. And I have the donation to box up. If it keeps on raining that may be the extent of my garden activities for the day. But if we get a break in the rain I am definitely going to get out there and feed my worms.

Don't you just love to play in the mud?

Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to share a link to a friends blog - she has a cute story on their about another creature she rescued that likes to play in the mud: http://www.bigbigcheezie.blogspot.com/

Till next time,


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