Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yellow Cherry Plums In Bloom

Dear Readers,

It is dang cold! But outside my office window there is a plum tree in bloom. It is catching the few rays of light that are escaping through the storm clouds, and it is fairly glowing. Actually, it is more than one tree. It is heading towards a hedge, all from seeds I throw along the fence line. Prunus nigra has lovely sweet flowers, awesome purple-mahogany bark, the wood is a tawny gold, and it adds a nice flavor to the smoke house or BBQ. And the dang thing has 2 inch thorns – so it makes a nice security hedge. Last but not least the cherry sized yellow plums are sweet and tangy. They are great in fruit salads, jam, and fruit butter. I think they could make an interesting fruit salsa or chutney . . . Have I sold you on them yet? Lets see, from seed to fruit in about 3 years . . .

I will have seed to trade later this summer – contact me then if you are interested . . . .


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