Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sharing Plants & Raised Beds

Dear Readers,

We have been getting lots and lots of rain. However we did a couple of short breaks in the last week or so. First break I planted out one Falstaff Brussels Sprout plant, with the company of a garland chrysanthemum and a sweet cecily. Yesterday I planted out an arum lily. Oh and I went and dug up a little henbit plant from a patch I found and it is nestled in the garden also. They are great little winter annuals that can help protect the soil over (or under) dormant plants.

Other than the above and fussing around with my seeds and seedlings, most of my gardening is done either here on the computer or at the library. Dang rain anyway. It does give me time to read the gardening magazines from the library though . . .

In this months issue of Martha Stewart Living, in the Editor’s Letter Margaret Roach states that “Part of the unwritten code among gardeners is to share plants . . .” she goes on to explain that this is sometimes accomplished through sharing cuttings, divisions, or seeds. While she doesn’t mention the calls for boycotts of patented plants – she does state the reason for the boycotts very succinctly and poetically. Of course she can’t call for boycotts, even is she believes in them, because some of the magazines large advertisers are purveyors of these patented plants. If our unwritten code is to share, we can become law breakers by buying patented plants. I would like to encourage you to read your labels and refrain from buying patented or licensed plants. There are tons of open pollinated, heirloom, and native plants to choose from. You don’t have to feel deprived.

Also in this months Sunset Garden Magazine and in Organic Gardening Magazine they have plans for raised beds. If you found yourself pondering the whole raised bed thing after reading my article on Spring Salads – both these magazines have photos. Sunset actually has plans for one type of bed, and Organic Gardening has examples of beds made from several different construction materials. Visit your library, book store, or favorite magazine counter and learn more!

You all have a great evening, curled up with your favorite gardening magazine!


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