Saturday, February 25, 2006

Whew . . . Shopping done for another couple weeks

Dear Readers,

I am just beat. Shopped till I dropped - it don't take much. But we are stocked up on groceries for the next couple weeks. So today I just watered my little seedlings. And while I was in town I kept my eyes peeled for shrubs with seeds or berries. I have a strip along the edge of the yard where I have been tossing seeds from shrubs and trees for a number of months. Eventually I hope to have an informal mixed hedge there. I do have a number of misc. seedlings taking hold there. I also am planting a number of tall but short lived plants there, including Fava Beans, Jerusalem artichokes, mullein, fox glove, etc. So I will have some tall short lived things going until the shrubbery takes hold . . .

Anyway, lets see . . . I guess that is about it for today . . . Time to rest . . .

Hope you all had great days.


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