Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Part or full time work / Hoopa

Part or full time work available in Hoopa working with disabled and elderly people.

There are quite a few folks that need help here in Hoopa. By working for a few people you can easily arrange a part or full time schedule around school, community or family responsibilities. Currently there may be housing available for the right person. This might be the opportunity someone needs to move out of the city to a small community. Rent is inexpensive and we have community college classes here on the reservation.

Two organizations maintain lists of care providers for the area. The Willow Creek Resource Center (530) 629-3141 and Care Giver Support (530) 629-1139. At the moment neither agency has anyone available to work in Hoopa. If you are interested in doing this kind of work please contact them to find out how to get your name on the lists.

I personally need 1 – 3 part time helpers as the result of a serious accident I was in last year. I need help getting to medical appointments, with housework, and with shopping and errands. The schedule that would work best for me is:

Tuesday and Thursday 1 – 4 pm and/or
Saturday 1 – 4 pm and/or
Two trips to town for shopping per month

For more information please call Harvest McCampbell at (530) 625-1164 or e-mail: harvest95546 @ (take out spaces.)

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