Friday, April 07, 2006

Germinating Tobacco Seeds

Germinating Tobacco seeds

Dear Readers,

I had a question on one of the gardening groups I belong to,
and thought I would post the answer here too . . .

Tobacco seeds need to be kept evenly moist, and between 70 – 80 degrees to germinate. The seedlings also need to be warm until they are at least 3 inches tall. Then you can slowly harden them off to adapt to the outside weather. It takes quite a while for them to get 3 inches tall - they are pretty slow growing. But worth it. I have a plant that has been in the ground about 3 years now, it is about 6 feet tall. And it was in bloom its entire second year - straight through winter and a dusting of snow. It is looking a little worse for wear at the moment - but as soon as the weather warms up I think it will take off. Folks tend to think it is a four o'clock - on steroids. But the flowers stay open all day . . .

Setting up some kind of bottom heat is good idea, for germinating the seedlings and tending the young plants. But if you don't have bottom heat - be creative, if the top of your fridge or water heater is warm, that might work - a warm window during the day might be good, perhaps if you have pilot lights in your stove or oven you might be able to find a warm nighttime spot. Investing in a soil thermometer and a terrarium thermometer really helps in fine tuning the placement and setting for plants that need warm soil.

I use a food warming tray I found at the second hand store, at night and full spectrum lights during the day. I have a friend who has rigged a shelf over a lamp. I know people who use heating pads, and have hear of folks rigging up old fashioned Christmas lights to provide bottom heat.

You just have to experiment. And I really recommend the thermometers, especially if at first you don't succeed.

Good Luck!


What else to do? said...

I know this is a very old post, but do you still have seed available?

Harvest said...


I have gone out of the free seed business . . . it was a great activity for me after a very bad car accident . . . but now I am busy with other projects . . . Thanks for stopping by my pages!


Rivie said...

Hi, me too wondering if you might have some seeds around.

Rivie said...

aah just read you don't do the free seeds anymore. I still enjoy your blog. Thank you.

Harvest said...

Thanks Rivie . . . I am much more active on facebook these days--you can find me under my name--Harvest McCampbell . . . I do hope you find lots of good information here in my old gardening blog . . .