Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Busy Mail Box, Etc.

Dear Readers,

Gosh darn it, I am still feeling quite beat up from running the weed eater – and this is my second day of more or less rest . . . Tomorrow I am going to have to take the bus to the coast for some groceries. It is a twelve hour trip, and I can only get a small backpacks worth. I have it worked out to a science – exactly what I am going to purchase and how I am going to pack it. I will ride 4 different buses on three different bus lines just to get to one store! I have my fares in labeled zip lock bags, and will have to make a stop at the bank to get exact change for my homeward bound fairs. I have notes to myself as to when and where I am catching each bus . . . Dang – it is much harder to navigate the world with a brain injury than it was when I could drive and just hop in my car. But you know, life goes on.

My P.O. Box was a very busy place today. Of course it has probably been building up – as I am not able to get to the post office on a regular basis. But it was great fun to poor through what I found there.
1. Current issue: Cottage Living - I haven’t even had a chance to check it out yet. Looks like there are a number of gardening articles!
2. Catalog: Growers Supply – They carry all kinds of green houses and green house kits and supplies. They start very low end – small for under $50 – on up to huge profession 4 figure green houses. They have heat mats, etc. for reasonable prices.
3. Seed Bank Order: I received a rainbow selection of sweet/bell peppers, a mix of summer squash seeds, cut flower kale in two colors, quince and crab apple seeds, and two sunflower seed mixes – one tall and one small. OK, I am all set for spring through fall I think . . . LOL
4. Welcome Kit / Bill: National Home Gardening Club – I actually got two pieces of mail from them – booth contained bills. One also had a couple of packs of seeds – Flanders poppies and baby’s breath. They had all ready had sent me a pack of the poppies before . . . Anyway they claimed that I had already received a copy of their publication – which I haven’t – so I sent them a note to that affect.
5.Seed Catalog: Select Seeds – Man, ya just got to drool . . . There is some stuff in here I know I can’t live without. So even though I definitely don’t need another seed I am going to make a small order. Check them out! http://selectseeds.com

Ok friends, catch you all another day!

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