Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Angels, Angels everywhere,

Dear Readers,

Last night, after spending most of the afternoon plotting the bus route and readying my bus fares – dang broken brain anyway, everything takes so much longer than before the accident – an Angel called me on the phone and offered to pick up the things in town that I was going to get today! So, just for today, I don’t have to leave the valley!

Hey, Remember those plums out my office window I told you were blooming? They are seedlings from my Prunus nigra, only a few years old. Well, after all the storms and snow and everything, they still are full of brilliant white flowers. From here they look larger than the flowers of their parent – and their stems are definitely greener then their parent – I am going to have to go out there and take a better look at those flowers! I will let you know all about it after a bit.

Ahhh . . . . I got off here and went to the local libraries anniversary celebration. That was fun. They had speakers and dignitaries and food. I took a bunch of pics – now we will have to see if I can figure out how to download them . . .

I have slowly been reading through my Cottage Living Magazine – it has a great article on seed swapping, and there is a really cool article on gardening with annuals. They have photos of an eye popping front yard almost completely planted with annuals.

On the home front – I actually got out and dug a hole, fed the worms, and planted a day lily. Now a storm is blowing in!

Hope you are all safe, warm, and dry!


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