Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow, hot seedlings, busy week

Dear Readers,

Believe it or not I didn't seem to loose a single plant outside in all that snow! I have Zabrina Mallow and Giant Walking Stick Kale out there - plus lots of other stuff. Those two are what I am most excited about.

I also have a number of seedling - but the ones with bottom heat under lights are the ones I fussed around with today. I have peppers, some squash, heirloom tomatoes, tobacco, gourds, purslane, Malabar and Egyptian spinach and I am trying to start some ornamental Datura cultivars. The tomatoes are what is doing the best - so I added a few more today.

I also wrote next weeks article for the newspaper today - Oh and yesterday I ran the weedeater - now I am about 3/4 dead . . . LOL . . . And I only did 1/2 of the side yard. If that is all I can do in a day it would take a week to finish the yards. And if it takes me a week to recover from each bit . . . Well heck . . . Maybe someone has a goat I can borrow?

I have a busy week coming up. I think I have events or appointments every day this week. But I will still try to get over here and post a little something from time to time.

Whirled Peas!


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