Saturday, July 07, 2007

Syndication Coming Right Up

My Darling Readers,

I first started this blog as therapy after the accident in January 05 that left me with a traumatic brain injury. Very soon after starting the blog, much to my surprise, I found I was once again writing publication quality prose. I contacted my local newspaper (which I had written for in the past) and they were interested in running the article on “Cilantro.” You all first saw that article here. In a very short time those occasional articles lead to a weekly gardening column, “Digging the Dirt,” which I continued to post to the blog for a while.

As one thing tends to lead to another, I began a second column for our other local newspaper. This one is called “The Book Worm,” and it features classy books with a positive out-look on life. Once that column got going my blog was neglected. I am just way too busy to post her very often. But I want to thank all of you for reading and encouraging me!

Today, I am beginning another new phase in my writing. I am ready to begin syndicating my columns. If any of you living on zones 7-9 would like to see my gardening columns appear in your local newspaper, please let me know. If you send me the name of your local newspaper and the town and state where it is located, I can search for their web page and see if they are interested. Your recommendation just might help convince the publisher to give it a try.

Complete details about the columns are available on my web site. Check out the “Digging the Dirt” page for an offer for newspapers to run the column at no cost for a limited time . . .

Meanwhile, it is definitely summer! I have plums coming on and hope to make jam and plum butter very soon. Today I am going to roast garden fresh summer squash, garlic, parsnips, and greens in a new utensil I picked up recently. It looks like a wok with holes in it, made just for cooking on a grill. My raspberries and black berries have been keeping us in smiles. I hope your gardens are happy places too!

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