Friday, December 19, 2014

Better than Pesto

Fresh Italian Seasoning Concentrate!

Last fall I put fresh tender sprigs of rosemary, sage, oregano, tarragon, and parsley into the food processor and ground them up.  (A mortar and pestle would word too.)  I then added salt and pro-biotic vinegar.  (I make my own, but raw apple cider vinegar with live culture would work as well, or even fresh whey from home fermented yogurt cheese.)  I can't give you measurements, because I just did it to taste. 

Next I jarred it up in those tiny 4oz jelly jars they sell in the canning supplies section of country markets.  (You can also order on-line.)  And from there it went into the freezer. 

Now when ever I want that savory taste of summer I pop a jar out of the freezer, and mix a little into a serving of rice or soup.  A little bit goes a long way!  One of my favorite no-gluten treats is to take an organic Lundberg Family Farms rice cake, spread it with a tad of Wilderness Family Naturals organic mayo, spread rounded teaspoon of my 'Italian Seasoning Pesto Concentrate' on top of that--which is really awesome all by itself.  But sometimes, like now, some thin sliced organic Colby cheese from Horizon Organic's is exactly what I crave for the perfect topping!

Reproduce this idea next spring or fall, or even think about what's out in the garden now.  In my garden, the parsley is still doing well, as is rosemary and oregano, and a number of kinds of cress and mustard.  The fennel is also trying to make a comeback, and wasabi arugula has self sown a nice little patch that will be ready to harvest soon.  Have fun with what you have on hand and if you have plenty--freeze some up for the next season as well!


A little note from me . . . .  I have been fairly absent from this blog, as any of my few followers have surely noticed.  I am still blogging, however, my focus is Boycott for Peace.  However, I still love the garden and the really good food that gardens provide.


Boycott for Peace!


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