Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gardening and Eats

Dear Readers,

I planted one squash today. I dig a hole 18 inches deep and throw in the used Daily Mews, kitchen scraps, and I cut a bunch of bolting sow thistle and dock from the yard and threw that in too. I threw in about 12 inches of misc. organic matter. I topped that with alternating layers of garden soil and Ready grow with chicken manure. That is my standard planting hole. The extra dirt - is nearly pure worm castings, and I use it to top dress my other plantings, or to fill in low places in the garden, the raised beds, or the lawn. Rain chased me in the house. But about one planting hole is about all I am up for in a day. I usually pull some weeds and I also cut some veggies, and sometimes I bag some slugs . . .

For eats today I made a stir fry with a sea food mix - from Winco, with carrots, onions, garlic, garland chrysanthemum, parsnip, and red Japanese Mustard. The carrots and alliums were from the store. I also made a batch of mixed wilted greens - mostly bolting wild radish, kale, and Brussels sprouts - (the bolts from all of these.) I am now cooking a pot of black beans which will have garland chrysanthemum, red mustard, and green onions from the garden. And, we have garden fresh salad - left over from yesterday - 3 kinds of lettuce, garlic chives, little bolts from various mustards and kale, baby kale leaves, lemon balm, Greek oregano, and sweet cecily.

And this is about how we eat most days, all year long. The specifics change with the season - but lots of stuff fresh from the garden . . .


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