Monday, April 18, 2011

Climate Change Affecting Crops Around the World

Below you will find a list of links to articles on climate change and weather related crop damage. I have just included articles from this year, on damage that happened this year. I have not included any articles on feared or as yet unassessed damage. Since most food enters the world market, and since those who are not able to produce their own local food will need to purchase food from the world market, all crop losses affect each and every one of us. Even, for instance, if you don’t eat anything with citrus or cotton oil ingredients, those who do will need to eat other foods, and that will likely affect the availability and price of all foods. We are all connected, we are all related . . .

Time to get your gardens on! Gardens and gardeners are much more able to adjust for weather and climate change than are large scale farmers. Right now I am starting genetically diverse warm and cool season crops, because we really don’t know what the weather will do . . .

The Florida citrus freeze, 1/11:

Cotton crops destroyed by flooding in Austrailia, 1/11: (While we don’t think of cotton as a food crop, the oil and the seeds are used in processed foods for people, and livestock feed.)

Freezing weather destroys crops in India, 1/11:

Freezing weather damages crops in Texas, 2/11:

Freezing weather effects winter crops in Mexico, 2/11: and

Hail, unseasonable rain damage crops in India, 2/11:

Sugar beets and oats damaged by frost in Great Brittan, 2/11:

Cyclones and rain destroy sugar crops in Australia and India, 2/11:

Tasmania suffers massive crop damage from floods and torrential rain 3/11:

Soy beans damaged by untimely rain in Brazil 3/11:

Frost damage to crops in India fuels farmer suicides, 3/11

Rain and wind damaged wheat crops in Pakistan 4/11:

Hail, wind, & rain damage crops in India, 4/11:

Hail damages crops in Fresno County CA, 4/11:

Hail damages crops in Minnesota, 4/11:

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